Stepping Stones Day Nursery

What we did and the savings it provided

Technology Installed: LED Lighting – 40 existing fluorescent lights replaced with 40 LED panel lights

Utilising their old technology, Stepping Stones Day Nursery were using 23,328kWh per year – this was costing them £3,265. By replacing all their old-style tube lights, MTG Energy Solutions reduced their energy usage to 5,184kWh per year, which in turn reduced their yearly energy cost (for lighting) to just £725.

How the benefits break down

Thanks to using the latest technologies coupled with our high quality installation methods we managed to achieve a £2540 cost saving  and reduced their CO2 output by 9.98 tonnes. With a first year capital allowance of £1,200* and a pay back period of 2 years, the team at stepping stones were incredibly happy. Not only had we managed to massively reduce their financial cost, but we had also achieved a huge C02 reduction for them. This is what MTG is all about… not just saving you money, but also helping to save our environment.

78% Energy Savings Achieved

*Calculated on a 20% tax band (please consult with your accountant to know your tax band).