Matlock Town Hall Solar PV

We are delighted to have installed 32kWp of Solar PV onto Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Matlock Town Hall head quarters. The electricity generated will help to power the Town Hall and heat the hot water system with any surplus feeding into the National Grid.

To maximise the available flat roof space we installed the 120 Solar panels in an East-West formation. The Solar PV plant should generate 26,431 units of clean electricity saving 12.4 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year. The energy  produced and Feed-in Tariff incentive income from the Government will also save the District Council more than £4,500 in energy costs each year.

It’s great to be able to put the otherwise unused space on the roof to good use by saving money on energy bills and reducing carbon emissions.

The District Council’s Leader, Councillor Lewis Rose OBE said: “In times of austerity this is the kind of invest-to-save project we like. We expect the solar panels installation to pay for itself in just seven years – and there’s an environmental impact too as we are now producing clean electricity that reduces our carbon footprint”.