Knight Bros Garage Ltd

What we did and the savings it provided

Technology Installed: PV Solar Panels – 60 x Solar World 250W mono mods & SMA

Based in one of the sunnier regions of the UK, Knight Brothers Garage in Thornfalcon knew that solar power would be an ideal way for them to benefit from financial savings – they just didn’t know how much of a saving could be achieved. What they weren’t aware of was the feed-in tariff that applies and the income that would also generate for them. So, when we happily informed them that not only would they gain a saving of £2,001 – but, that they would also benefit from an additional income of £2,703… The desicion was easy for them.

How the benefits break down

The total energy output for the installed system is 16,143kWh per year with this entire set-up producing a CO2 saving of 14.20 tonnes per year. Couple this together with the total financial value of £4,705 (income and savings combined), it’s clear to see why Knight Brothers were so happy with their new PV solar panel installation.

10.05% Return on Investment