Field Farm – Newark

What we did and the savings it provided

Technology Installed: PV Solar Panels – 68 x 245W PV Solar Panels (16.66kWp)

Peter and Claire Foster the owners of Field Farm, wanted to benefit from Solar Power but, were unsure as to where they would receive the greatest benefit. Following a site visit our professional team were pleased to inform them that their newly built barn was facing in the optimal direction. Whilst they both appreciated the financial savings that could be made, their true motive was more about sustainability and teh environmental benefits such a system could have. Using just 50% of the energy produced enable them to see over £1,000 worth of energy savings and in turn generate an additional £2,243 income.

How the benefits break down

The total energy output for the installed system is 14,614kWh per year with this entire set-up producing a CO2 saving of 12.92 tonnes per year. Couple this together with the total financial value of £3,248 (income and savings combined), equals a very happy business.

10.83% Return on Investment