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MTG Energy Solutions is based in central Nottingham, just a stones throw from the M1 – giving us access to the rest of the UK. This means that it doesn’t matter where you are, you too can benefit from our service range that includes:

Solar PV, Energy Efficient Lighting, Electrical Services, Energy Efficient Heating, Electric Vehicle Charging & Energy Monitoring Sytems

Our sole purpose is to ensure that your Carbon Footprint is reduced – which in turn will have the benefit of reducing the energy costs for your premises… Most importantly though for you, we focus in the right way so that performance is not reduced.

We want to make big savings for our customers, not just for their back pockets but also for the environment. Yes it would be amazing if each and every business was carbon neutral but we know that is just impossible… for now! We want to ensure that each and everyone of our clients end up with cleaner, more efficient energy.

Our Expert Team

Matthew Guest
Managing Director
The managing director & general overseer of all MTG operations and installs.
Ellie Beale
Marketing Manager
Responsible for all marketing activities both digital and physical
Install Team
Certified Installers
We only employ certified installers, who work on all energy solutions supplied by MTG.

The Background Story...

MTG Energy Solutions Ltd was formed in 2010 as an off shoot from MTG Electrics. Its the brainchild of our MD Matt Guest.

We now focus purely on commercial clients and we are dedicated to reducing the Carbon footprint and energy costs in your business without reducing performance.

The team is committed to removing energy wastage from your business, increasing your opportunity for sustainable growth and your bottom line. Whilst creating a healthier and happier work force for your business through clean technologies and environmental credibility.

We do need to consider the future for our children, our grandchildren and our businesses and MTG Energy empowers both domestic and commercial clients to do just that. We help you to make ‘Feel Good’ Energy – energy ,that gives you a warm feeling inside and provides the kind of huge earnings and savings that generate big cheesy grins!